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    Microsoft, Sony Shatter Sales With New Consoles


    by IBTimes

    November has played host to the decade’s largest game console launches, for the the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Sony’s North American launch was historic - the company sold over a million consoles in a day (11/15), becoming the fastest in gaming history to reach one million sales  Not to be outdone, Microsoft’s worldwide launch (11/22) produced sales figures in the seven digit range.

    Neither company had a perfect hardware run, though; PS4 buyers complained of the “Blue Light of Death,” effectively turning their shiny new consoles into rocks. Xbox One users reported disc drive errors, which prevented them from playing any games sold on disc.

    Both companies contend their issues are not widespread, but new machines will be problem-free.

    All the while, Nintendo still has a 3 million unit head start on Sony and Microsoft - time will tell if the early sales lead will hold up, as the two more powerful systems get into their stride in 2014 and 2015.

    Video game makers aren’t the only tech companies making moves this week - mobile powerhouse Apple acquired PrimseSense, the Israeli firm that produced Microsoft’s first Kinect. Apple also filed patents for an interactive touch system with 3D and projected controls - it could be a sign of what’s to come from Cupertino in the next ten years. We could potentially control all of the devices in our living rooms with the swipe of our fingers.

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