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Punx Soundcheck - My Life (Jay Robinson Remix)

il y a 4 ans8 views

Punx Soundcheck - My Life (Jay Robinson Remix)

Protohype Records

Out on download: 2nd December 2013



Protohype Records bring you their fourth release, from London's champions of the global bass sound, PUNX SOUNDCHECK.
Featuring the vocal talents of long-time collaborator Sim:One for My Life, Punx Soundcheck craft two amazing, forward thinking garage grooves; heavy on the future, heavy on the bass.

JAY ROBINSON takes the controls for a reworking of My Life; stripping it back and rebuilding a dark, sinister monster for late night dancefloors. The mysterious NEUROPOL then takes Penumbra to the furthest margins of space and weaves his half step drum & bass magic, creating an oblique and atmospheric end to the package.

PUNX SOUNDCHECK John Taylor and Harry C

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Punx Soundcheck - My Life (Jay Robinson Remix)
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