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    Panama -Wilbur deParis

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Panama deParis Wilbur 1958

    Wilbur deParis and his New New Orleans Jazz
    In a set of four from a TV broadcast in 1958 here is number three, a often played standard called Panama. Only 4 members of the actual band were hired to do the broadcast. Next to Wilber deParis on trombone there are Sidney deParis on trumpet and cornet, Omer Simeon on clarinet and Wilbert Kirk on drums.
    They were augmented by the studio house band. Excellent pianist Billy Taylor certainly plays some fine stride piano with Wendell Lowe on guitar and Eddie Safranski on bass.
    The third Eb-Cmin strain is played twice by clarinettist Omer Simeon in the low register, which I think is a lovely effect, also watch the famous steel hat muted trumpet solos by Wilber's brother Sidney deParis.