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    Westshore Falls - "Distance; Disconnect" Official Music Video


    by BlankTV

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    Westshore Falls - "Distance; Disconnect" Official Music Video

    Artist city, country: Kelowna, Canada

    Artist Biography: Sometimes it is a long, hard road to make something succeed. When nothing is handed to you, and you find the little you have being taken away, giving up can seem like the easier road.

    But in refusing to give up, Westshore Falls found the new momentum needed to launch forward. After almost 2 years of doing everything the wrong way, changing almost their entire line-up, endless frustration and setbacks, the band finds themselves standing on solid ground for the first time. The storm that almost tore Westshore Falls apart before they had barely started instead served to drive them to keep pushing harder.

    5 songs. After 2 years, it would seem not worth the effort to many. But the Dreamcatcher EP is a story that the band knows needs to be told. It is in life's heartbreaks, failures, mistakes and messes that we find ourselves. For the men in Westshore Falls, sharing the journey of their self-discovery is a means to bring hope. If not anything more than to change the mind or life of one single person, the band considers that their success.

    5 songs that tell one story of hope. It doesn't come without questions, anger, or despair. Ultimately the responsibility rests on every individual to make a choice to push on. With the Dreamcatcher EP, Westshore Falls delivers a powerful message of hope through darkness and responsibility to help each other find solid ground once again.

    Director Name: Mike Bertuzzi


    Song Lyrics: Will I ever find a way
    To make it back to the place where I belong?
    I've separated myself for far too long,
    In a place full of anguish.
    Convinced that this is where I'm supposed to be.
    So far away, my heart yearns for the lost and the forgotten.
    The lost and the forgotten.

    I'm searching for something more, but all I find is the desolate.
    To have a chance to live again, would change everything.
    I'll breathe life into a lost generation.
    I will breathe life into a lost generation.

    Emotionless, I stare into the heart of creation.
    Like lambs to the slaughter, they're lost without a voice.

    Will I ever find a way?
    Will I ever find a way
    To break free.
    From all of the lies
    From all of the lies.
    That I have convinced myself of long ago.

    Take everything I am, just give me the chance to show the love of a king.


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