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    Every JFK assassination theory ever! CIA, KGB, homo killers, and aliens!

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    Today marks the 50th anniversary since the death of JFK from a gunshot wound to the head. Lee Harvey Oswald, hidden in the top floor of the book depository, managed three shots from a bolt action rifle within 8 seconds, scoring two hits on Kennedy including a head shot. Oswald was discovered, arrested, and subsequently murdered by Jack Ruby. Ruby himself later died of a heart attack before he was adequately questioned about his motives.

    All of this leads to the unavoidable conclusion that Kennedy's death was an act of war committed by an alien species against the human race. Kennedy was a natural target for assassination by aliens, owing to his great support for the human domination of outer space. When Kennedy announced that man would walk on the moon, he drew a line in the sand and crossed it himself. The aliens knew what they had to do, this mofo is going down! The CIA, already compromised by deep alien infiltration, set the wheels in motion to assassinate Kennedy. The fact that Lee Harvey Oswald was discovered on the top floor of the book depository was actually a ploy. Every alien knows that humans are suspicious of men with rifles hanging out in high places while presidents are driving around outside. Oswald was a red herring put there to throw man off the alien trail, and it's taken us 50 years to figure that out. Now you know.


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