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    The Game ft Kanye West - Wouldnt Get Far


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    "Wouldn't Get Far"
    (feat. Kanye West)

    [Intro: samples from "I'd Find You Anywhere"]
    For you baby, I'd find you [4X]
    You wouldn't get far

    [The Game]
    I done been around the world, been around the block
    Been around hoes that fucked Biggie and 'Pac
    Like Vida Guerrera, ass took her to the top
    She'll give you some brains you let her throw up the Roc
    Let her put on your chain, she'll throw you some cock
    Picture that like Meagan Good and Jamie Foxx
    Hype said it's a wrap, she still on the set
    Putting oil on her likes like she Gloria Velez
    She was (Eye Candy) in the XXL
    Hopped off the page and on a skateboard with Pharrell
    I knew she {"wouldn't get far"} cause five hundred dollars
    can't get you that {"far"} how you get that {"far"}
    And all these new video bitches trying to be Melissa Ford
    But they don't know Melissa Ford drive a Honda Accord
    She a video vixen, but behind closed doors
    She do whatever it take to get to the Grammy Awards
    Ha ha

    [Chorus: The Game]
    By videos9 years ago