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    Audio and video production by Capital Media Corp. Austin, TX
    Producer - Joe Lynch. Sound Engineers - Nick Smith and Doug Dewey


    Gabriel Siklosi and Michael Notarthomas are the creative center for the Austin rock/blues/r&b band Tombstone Bullies. Having been a part of the Austin music scene for nearly a decade, Tombstone Bullies have played many of Austin's staple clubs and venues, as well as a long list of radio and t.v. appearances, festivals, benefits and a variety of venues beyond Austin and throughout Texas. They have a 12 song original studio CD titled Seasons of Mary which was released in 2010, and they are in the process of recording their next studio album.Tombstone Bullies played many shows over the years as an acoustic songwriting duo, with a purposeful emphasis on Michael's melodic, and sometimes crooning, singing style, and on Gabriel's electrifying and unconventional slide guitar. Since 2007 Tombstone Bullies have been playing not only as a duo but in an exciting and powerful full band format. Currently the TB rhythm section consists of veteran Austin drummer Jason Toll and a recent Monterey, California transplant, Jack Schutz on bass. Although Gabriel and Michael enjoy playing as a duo, the powerful backing that Jason and Jack deliver helps to make Tombstone Bullies a hard hitting rock and roll contribution to the Austin music scene.Tombstone Bullies are currently enjoying the growing local following that years of playing has afforded them. They continue to write and play tirelessly and are determined to push their musical and creative ideas into the forefront. Whether they perform in their former regular duo capacity or as a full band, they're purpose is the same, to express the driving rock and blues that continues to inspire them.