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    Syria: Islamist rebels claim capture of major oil field

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    Al Qaeda-linked Islamist rebels have reportedly seized one of Syria’s biggest oil fields, in what would be a major blow to the Assad regime.

    The raid would cut off the government’s access to almost all crude reserves in eastern Deir
    al-Zor province.

    Assad’s forces have gained momentum recently. But the opposition, particularly Islamist factions, still holds large swathes of land in the north and east.

    Seven leading Islamist groups have just merged to form what could be Syria’s biggest rebel army.

    The new Islamic Front, seeking to build an Islamic state, could have at least 45,000 fighters. Its creation further undermines Syria’s Western-backed rebels.

    Fierce fighting rages on with reports of at least 40 people, mostly civilians, being killed on Saturday in government air strikes around the northern city of Aleppo.