Jennifer Hudson - American Idol(3-23-04)

juss JaYcE !
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Jennifer Hudson convinced she got style and attitude on this track...
Now she's wiser with Dreamgirls ! Damn ! she was right !

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nobody's better than her!
Par Cindy93x il y a 3 ans
you're really funny! .... anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? !!!
Par girlofdream il y a 3 ans
This is a wonderful song very well written and song. An entertainer friend of mine did this at a drag show in Baltimore Maryland, this song will always remind me of him BangBangLadash gone but very much missed .......... Miss u man ............ Love ya man.
Par erh521 il y a 6 ans
sé autre chose que Christophe willem
Par Izapango il y a 6 ans
les gens ils sont a fond dedant sa dechire
Par clodion felix yoenelis il y a 6 ans
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