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    Giant Boeing 747 Lands at Tiny Airport

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    by Geo Beats

    In a bizarre occurrence, a Boeing 747 recently managed to mistakenly land at a small airport located in Kansas.

    In a bizarre occurrence, a Boeing 747 cargo jumbo jet recently managed to land at a small airport located in Kansas.

    The 235 foot long plane successfully landed at Colonel James Jabara Airport on a Wednesday night, unfortunately the jet was supposed to land at another, much larger airport.

    The intended spot was McConnell Air Force Base, which is about 8 miles north of Jabara Airport. The runway at the small airport 6,100 feet long, , which is far shorter than what is typically needed to land a Boeing 747.

    There were two people onboard the aircraft at the time of the landing and thankfully they were not injured. The plane and airport were not damaged either.

    No mechanical problems were reported. The modified jet is one of a fleet of four that transports Dreamliner parts around the world for Boeing and their manufacturing suppliers. Boeing partners with Atlas Air to fly the jets. (3, 2nd to last)

    Both companies along with FAA and NTSB officials are looking into the incident to determine the circumstances of why the plane landed at Jabara.