Momma Cat Abducts Duck, duck disagrees

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It elevated it from fairly cute to god-tier cute.

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Why do you think that cat is trying to drag the duckling OUT of the hay rather than INTO it?
If the cat were TRULY trying to nurture and care for the duckling, the cat would constantly be trying to return them TO the nest like mother cats do wayward kittens, not take them OUT of it.
How many times have you seen a mother cat remove a kitten FROM a nest, unless the nest were endangered or unless the mother cat was moving them?
It doesn't happen.
Mother cats always bring wayward kittens back TO a safe nest.
By Rb Redmond Last year
Ahhh... I´ve already had such a cat wo adopted chicks like in this video. There was a difference between her chicks and others. Otherwise they kill everything they can. Unfortunately...
By Oily-Li Last year
Oh, I have a clue alright. I have a farm with chickens, ducks, cats and dogs. We lost several of our baby chicks and ducklings to cats because some lame brain thought the cats were just "playing" with them until I found out and we beefed up the fencing so the cats couldn't get to them.
Anyone that isn't going to protect baby animals from predators has no business having them and needs to give them to someone who will.
If the cat hasn't hurt one of them yet, she will, I assure you because it's in their nature.
By Rb Redmond Last year
The cat adopted the ducks. She won´t eat them. Some people don´t have a clue.
By Oily-Li Last year
The cat is trying to catch the duck to kill it. Not nice. Not fun. Not funny!!! Shame on the owners of this cat for allowing it access to these poor ducks.
By Rb Redmond Last year