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    Jennifer Lawrence & Kristen Stewart Before They Were Stars - Best Celeb Commercials Top 5 Fridays


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    We countdown our favorite celebrities who were in commercials before they were famous!

    Celebrities...they're just like us!- Or at least they used to be and on today's Top 5 countdown we're taking a walk down memory lane to countdown some of favorite celebrities that got their starts on some pretty sweet commercials.
    So whatya say we kick things off this adorable little lady -- here are a few hints: the person at number 5 was in one of the most talked about indie films out this year and she stars on one of TV's hottest TV shows. But before she made it big, she was making the big-bucks playing with teeny, tiny, super miniature hot pink blow dryers -- obviously this was for the 2001 Salon Surprise Barbie Commercial (duh). Take a look:

    Guys, it's Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars and Spring Breakers! Long before she spent her days trying to figure out who A is, Ash was busy living every little girls' fantasy -- ya know, getting paid to play with barbies? So adorable!

    SO that's going to be tough to outdo, let's double down for our number 4 spot. It's a pair I like to call Ian squared. That's right -- Ian Somerhalder and Ian Harding -- before these hotties were playing two of the most talked about heart-throbs on TV, they starred in commercials. Ian Somerhalder was quite smouldering in this Target spot, and if you don't watch closely you might miss him -- so let's pause and zoom in to get an upclose and personal look. And as awesome as Ian number one is, I'm gonna go out on a ledge and let y'all know that Ian Harding might take the cake this time. Check it out:
    I have no words at all.- Except this.

    Ian....Ian....I'm obsessed with your hair. And now for some really weird reason I want a smoothie.

    Alright let's move on to our number 3 celebrity who got her start in commercials. She's currently one of the most famous people on the planet with hit movies, a fragrance deal and she's considered one of Hollywood's top young talents.

    It's Kristen Stewart! Could she be any cuter? And is it just me, or did that commercial almost make you cry? Who knew Porsche commercials could be so emo? Okay, so maybe it's just me, but Kristen was showing off some serious talent from a very young age.

    Speaking of one of the entertainment world's most promising young stars, let's take a look at this cool dude who's nabbing our number 2 spot. I'm not embarrassed to say that watching this commercial gave the immediate desire to go to Chuck E Cheese, jump in the balls and jam out with a 6-foot tall mouse --is that weird?- More importantly though, did you recognize this guy? It's Nick Jonas! Yep it's true, before he made it to the real mouse house -- ya know the Disney Channel- this guy was doing his thing in a Chuck E Cheese commercial. Can you believe this is the same person?
    Alright we've finally made it to our number 1 spot- let's roll the clip! Yes guys and gals, right there smack in the middle of this MTV Sweet 16 promo commercial is the one, the only, the incomparable Jennifer Lawrence! SO is Jennifer embarrassed that she was a part of this commercial? Uh, absolutely not! IN fact, Jennifer even went so far as to thank MTV in her SAG Award acceptance speech earlier this year:

    Gotta love this girl -- from a promo for my super sweet 16 to an Oscar award winner! How awesome is this? Were you guys surprised to see any of your favorite celebs in starring roles on some of these commercials? And who was your favorite? Hit us up in the comments below! And for more top 5 action you won't want to miss, subscribe to ClevverTV on YouTube. I'm Joslyn Davis, thanks for watching!

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