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    Chapters - "Marionette" A BlankTV World Premiere!


    by BlankTV

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    Chapters - "Marionette Official Music Video " A BlankTV Premiere!

    Artist city, country: San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

    Artist Biography: Chapters is an up and coming post-hardcore band from the San Francisco/Bay Area. They are working hard to release their first EP, "Marionette," which should be released sometime in early January.

    Director Name: Colin Goheen
    Director Link:
    Producer Name:
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    Song Lyrics: I wake up in the early mornings, the birds chirping, my minds still reforming

    i deal with waste, forced to paint this sick portrait of this so called life game

    its all just daily routine as i constantly feind for a new chapter in this life,

    im gonna wipe the slate clean, wipe my memory, its time to focus on new things

    Im stuck with the taste of what lies before me, this bitterness consumes me

    A nightmare in reality , it comes like a haunting

    As I step into the workplace and I take one glance around, to see the eyes,
    to see the eyes flood with contempt, they envy this crown,
    they know I have what it takes to be the king of this town

    hahah, I know you know that i am capable of everything that you show

    Lets go,

    im confined by these walls around me
    A steel ball shackled to my ankle just to weigh me down
    Im starting to think that i live here, my minds coping with the fact that my reality's my nightmare

    marionette, as i dangle from the strings of wreck, what will it take to break these chains,
    i aint a puppet im a human being, put yourself in my shoes, try to direct the scene
    and thats some real shit, and when you cross troubles,
    youll learn real quick that the grass only green, if the sun doesnt burn it

    You cant judge one for how he or she may look
    Cause you have no idea what pathes they may have took
    I am the unpredicted, a bombshell of resilience, i am the growing roots of hope for generations
    I am the non pretender

    I am the unpredicted, I am the non pretender, Fuck

    step up step forward , I dare you to say a word before i kick your teeth to the curb

    you can live your life how everyone wants you to be, but i live my life being no one only but me.

    I cant live this way, making minimum wage , when i see all my favorite bands on AP magazines
    front page

    I want a life, where I can take the wheel and control my own time

    I want a life, let me taste the high just one last time

    I cant get out of this situation, my minds blackened from frustration

    you all will be tore down from the ground up,
    you all will be plagued with misery, like its a fucking drug
    i dont give a fuck,
    dont beg for the rememdy when youre six feet under

    im not gonna live my life, letting you thrive, as i sacrafice to strive,
    im gonna put you in the dirt, you only get one life,so I'll tell you one last time
    that ill take what is rightfully mine.


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