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    Color911 – Lifestyle App Review - NewsWatch


    by NewsWatch_TV

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    Let’s face it, most of us aren’t exactly the worlds leading color expert. We understand that for the most part you don’t pair brown and black together, try to avoid patterns on patterns….and, well that’s about it. So having a legitimate source of knowledge in the world of color is incredibly useful. And that’s what you get with color911, an app created by a color expert to help us laymens better understand color combinations – from decorating our home to putting on clothing. Now you can use the app in multiple ways – the first way is to create colors with the color wheel and save them for future use. The second and coolest way is you can take a photo or use an image, and find the colors in the photo. So if you love a bouquet of flowers, you can add the colors to your pallet. And finally, the app has a ton of great themes with color combinations you can use. Let’s say you want to wear your jungle green shirt…or your new living room sofa needs a set of throw pillows, but aren’t sure what matches. Find the color in a theme, and any of those colors in the combo will work. It’s a great resource for understanding colors, from clothing to your home. Now it’s available for iOS devices and costs $4.99. To learn more head to