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    SHOCKING | Kushal Tandon Ignores Gauhar Khan In Bigg Boss 7

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    by Bollywood Live

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    While the Bigg Boss house was steaming hot with some full-fledged intimate bonding between Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee, the makers amicably diverted our attention to the former hot couple of Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan, by reuniting them yet again on the show! Having known that Kushal is re-entering the house, one might have definitely expected the actor to shed all his love for lady love Gauhar right? But well, seemed like he had a different plan all together! Apparently, we noticed that as soon as Kushal re-entered the house, Gauhar pounced on him by giving him an extra-tight hug. However, in return, Kushal simply accepted her warm greet, and moved on to other inmates or alleged rivals Armaan, Andy and Tanisha, by sharing smiles and hugs. In fact, doubting his behavior further, we also hear that Kushal bought gifts for each inmate but came empty-handed for Gauhar! Well, we wonder what made him do that! Is he over and done with Gauhar? What say viewers?