London’s Underground Train System Will Soon Heat Homes

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Plans are in the works for a groundbreaking endeavor that will use London’s sweltering underground train system as a source for warming 500 homes.

London’s underground train system is infamous for its sweltering commute conditions, and city officials have decided use those high temps to their advantage.

Plans are in the works for a groundbreaking endeavor that will tap into the heat source as a means of warming 500 nearby homes.

Hot air will be pulled in from an underground station’s ducts and routed into a local home heating network. Excess energy from a power substation will also be utilized.

Said a spokesperson for the project, “We need to do everything possible to create a more secure, cost-effective and sustainable heat and power supply for London…we can not only save money but also drive innovation, jobs and growth in this burgeoning sector.”

Energy prices there have been on the rise while winters as of late have been among the coldest in decades.

In addition to being budget-friendly, the plan is easier on the environment.

For the communities involved, as much as 500 tons of carbon emissions could be prevented annually.

If the endeavor proves successful, more areas will be equipped with the means to get their heat supplies from similar sources.