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    Rent-Weary New Yorkers Move into RVs

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    by Geo Beats

    Rents are on the rise in already expensive New York City, prompting some to buy a used RV to call home.

    Rents are on the rise in already expensive New York City, leaving many residents having to get creative about their living arrangements.

    One of the more inventive solutions is buying a used RV to call home. People taking that route can both avoid rent and live in the neighborhood of their choosing, provided that zip code has an available parking space.

    A 34-year-old named Steve opted for Brooklyn’s suddenly posh Park Slope area as it’s where he grew up.

    His 200 square foot RV set him back 5 grand, but in New York dollars, that’s less than two months’ rent.

    Steve is still working out the kinks, like electricity and sewage, but there are Big Apple RV veterans out there who are living in the relative lap of luxury.

    The owner of another RV that’s regularly parked in the neighborhood has installed solar panels and a TV satellite.

    He’s outfitted the interior with two 40-inch televisions and a gaming console. He uses his phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

    When the 100-gallon water tank that powers his dishwasher and bathroom facilities runs dry, he just fills it up with one of the city’s fire hydrants.

    Would you consider living in an RV around your city?