The Tō-dō (東塔) Complex on Enryaku-ji Temple (延暦寺) on Mt Hieizan in Kyoto VIM

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In October of this year (2013) I went to Enryaku-ji Temple (延暦寺) on top of Mount HieiZan (比叡山). I have to admit, I have never been to this temple complex. There were not so many people, which made it easier to take pictures. It’s very nice up there, clean air, not much noise and most of all quiet. The huge trees and complexes are impressive and there is so much history here, the original temple was founded in early Heian period (794 to 1185). The following video clip is an account of that hike through the woods of Hieizan (比叡山) and the different pavilions that make up the Tō-dō (東塔) area of this part of Enryaku-ji Temple (延暦寺) complex.

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