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    OW2con'13 Presentation Yves de Montcheuil


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    Making Tough Open Core Product Decisions. Yves de Montcheuil, Talend.
    Abstract: Open core has become a nasty phrase in some circles. Perched high on the fence that separates open source and proprietary software, the open core model has caused debate ever since it first emerged. Open core companies that enter the market with the best of intentions all too often prioritize their enterprise products (or, more to the point, the financial opportunities that they create) and allowing their communities to slowly decay. The open core model has worked, though...and when it does work, it creates explosive growth for the business, the technology, and its community. With the right leaders and priorities, it is possible to consistently make product decisions that are both profitable and community-friendly. In this session, Yves de Montcheuil from Talend talks about how his company approaches the open core model, where it's worked, where it's been surprisingly difficult, and how to maintain community values when divisive commercial opportunities become increasingly hard to resist.