Top 4 Tech Stories of the Day


by Wochit

Next-gen consoles are social media machines. Aside from voice controls and fancier graphics, an emphasis on connectivity and sharing might be one of the biggest philosophical shifts we're seeing as Microsoft and Sony transition into their Xbox Ones and PS4s, probably best embodied by the PS4s prominent "share" button. Xbox One doesn't support game streaming at launch, but the PS4 is shipping with a major Facebook integration, and that's a big win for a social media giant that isn't as hip as it once was.
China Mobile, the world's largest wireless carrier, will unveil a new brand partner on December 18. The rumor mill is speculating that Apple will be on stage with the China Mobile team announcing its iPhone is coming to the carrier's network. Apple has been courting China Mobile for years. Now that all network issues have been resolved thanks to China Mobile upgrades, Tim Cook has been spending considerable time in China and is believed to have been in discussions with the carrier to get its iPhone on the network.
According to the Adobe Digital Index, which uses data from half a trillion visits to more than 2,000 retail sites over the past seven years to make its forecast, the three big holiday shopping days will bring in about $5 billion for retailers. The numbers make it clear: Retailers need to stay on top of technology ��� both in infrastructure and trends ��� or they risk missing out on big business gains.
Is it a case of picking the right electric car for the right job? Or could a lack of "range anxiety" really lead drivers to cover more miles? On average, owners of the Nissan Leaf battery-electric car cover 629 miles a month, while those who drive the Chevrolet Volt range-extended electric car go 60 percent further, logging 1,012 miles. Of those Volt miles, 75 percent are in electric mode using a battery charged from the grid, not the gasoline range extender.