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    A stray dog tries to remove a puppy's collar


    by videobash

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    Kitwench Ferret
    The two dogs are inside of a house, and the 'stray' is well groomed and clearly comfortable there.
    Note that he's also wearing a collar that's WAY too tight while puppy's collar is a fairly big on him.

    This is just some JERK who thought it was funny to put his puppy's collar on his grown dog and the big dog's collar on the pup.

    Which is why Big Dog is trying to remove the collar - it's *his*.
    By Kitwench Ferret2 years ago
    Kkw 82
    Look at the stray dogs collar it's way too tight, he is trying to help puppy from what he is going through. I hope somebody loosed that collar for this poor dog.
    By Kkw 822 years ago