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    Chicken Love


    by Dalsky

    ===== W A R N I N G ======

    Natural feeding is one of the best things you can do to your dog, but you have to know EXACTLY how to do. Feeding bones or raw meat is the most healthy and natural way to feed your dog but if you don't to it right it can end up with injuries or even the death of your dog. Think about it: would you like to eat canned food, industrial food or kibbles every day and why wouldn't you like it?

    BEFORE you feed your dog meat and bones for the first time educate yourself thoroughly about the issue. You will learn what it takes to switch to raw feeding and what you should avoid under EVERY circumstances.

    In the begin all might sound complicated, but believe me - it is NOT.

    Search the internet for:
    raw + meat + bone + dog; (RMB)
    BARF + dog
    billinghurst + dog

    you will find all what you need to know.

    Before you start:
    best train your dog to allow you to take food out of his mouth
    know what food is or can be deadly or toxic for your dog (chocolate, raisins, onions, cooked/heated up bones, raw pork (pseudo rabies), certain kind of bones and some more)

    monitor your dog when he eats bones, play save!
    remove your dogs collar before feeding him!

    When I got my dog he was an "inhaler". He "vacuumed" a whole bowl full of kibbles into his stomach, without chewing. Often he puked the whole stuff out about 20 minutes later.Not healthy and I had to clean the carpet about 5 times a week. After reading about natural feeding I decided to give it a try and I knew that this is the right thing after the first day. He never puked once since I started RMB more than a year ago and he takes time for his food and enjoys every single chew.

    Watch how carefully he feels the protruding bare bones and circumvents them tills he finds the right angle to chew them safely.

    Update November 2013:

    It's more than 5 years now that I feed my dog R.A.W. I didn't regret it a single moment. He's six now, has great white teeth and never was sick ! He didn't get flea or tick prophylaxis, no worm cure and never had a flea, a tick or a worm since I feed raw (I wouldn't take that risk in every region on this planet,though). He is happy, active, strong and healthy.

    I adopted a second dog 18 month ago. She is an abused Spanish Greyhound who lived for years at the streets and later for 2 years in rescue shelters. Her digestive system was totally screwed. I spare you the smelly details. She had horrible teeth when I got her and I had to go like every 2 weeks to the vet with her. Several tests without result, treatment against worms, giardia, several switches to different kind of food didn't help. I decided to put her on PRObiotics and R.A.W. food and the effect was immediately and stunning. After 3 month I could get her off the Probiotics and everything is fine. But if she other food than RAW get more than a day she immediately needs back PRObiotics. I just stay very consequent with RAW. Her teeth became nice and white and she is a happy active girl. :D