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    OW2con'13 Presentation Guillaume Rousseau


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    ETICS supporting compliance and interoperability, Gabriele Giammatteo, Engineering Group.
    Abstract: ETICS is a service-oriented system which supports its users in building, testing and in verifying the quality of the software produced. With ETICS it is possible to define, execute and analyse a large range of software testing cases, from static code analysis (e.g. documentation coverage, PMD metrics) to unit testing, to compliance testing, to deployment and functional testing in a multi-node environment created specifically for the test execution. ETICS build, testing and quality verification tools are offered as a service to open source projects within the OCEAN project. In this context ETICS mainly simplifies and supports testing activities improving the quality of the software being produced, verifying its compliance to standards and its interoperability features. This presentation can be seen as a continuation of ETICS presentation given last year at OW2 conference 2012. It aims at showing results from the use of ETICS as one of OCEAN services and at illustrating the approach developed to support software compliance and interoperability for the verification of the compatibility to OCCI and CDMI standards.