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OW2con'13 Presentation Daniele Gagliardi

il y a 4 ans7 views

A living story: measuring quality of developments in a large industrial software factory with Spago4Q, Daniele Gagliardi, Engineering Group.
Abstract: Open Source has no more intrinsic value per se. Nowadays it is facing new challenges, such as stimulating creativity and bringing innovation into market. One of its major challenges consists in delivering valuable outcomes, which requires a PMAI approach: Plan metrics and dimensions of analysis, get Measures and global performance value from data, Assess results and Improve processes by solving issues and removing bottlenecks. Spago4Q makes this happen. Main goals achieved are the continuous improvement of quality practices, the measurement and enhancement of productivity and the development process compliance with quality certifications such as ISO and CMMi standards. QESTnd - an n-dimensional measurement model - allows to collect performance values on three dimensions of analysis (Economical, Social and Technical) in order to identify process areas that need improvements. Drill-down capabilities provide both a unified view of the global performance of the Labs and detailed views of the single process dimensions.

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OW2con'13 Presentation Daniele Gagliardi
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