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    Livia Ferri - Pavlov (Live At Blackout Rock Club)


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    Music video by Livia Ferri performing Pavlov.
    From the album 'Taking Care': Livia Ferri performing an acoustic version of Pavlov.
    Livia Ferri live at BlackOut Rock Club, Rome, Kaki King opening act.

    Livia says, about that night:
    'It was an important night, really important to me. The night I was earning something. Tension, during that day, was unbearable; when I entered the venue, I saw chairs under the stage, I said hi to Vera and Kaki King and the others and I calm down. Then, in a while the moment was arrived, so I walk on the stage. The audience was silent. And I blessed that moment.
    And when I played 'Pavlov' I felt contact, I felt something was born and living between me and everyone who was there.
    I need to thank you all, for this, and whoever sent good energies to let this happen.'

    Livia racconta, di quella serata:
    'Era una serata importante, importante per me. La serata in cui mi guadagnavo qualcosa. La tensione, nel giorno del concerto, era insopportabile; quando sono arri