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How to Migrate Existing Software Stacks to Cloud and App Stores?, Alban Richard, UShareSoft.
Abstract: Application migration to cloud remains a headache for many ISVs: software delivery processes are often manual and unsuited to supporting the on-demand nature of the cloud, applications and middleware are dependent on the underlying OS and hypervisor, and live systems typically offer no visibility into package and licensing information. Consequently, many ISVs cannot easily prepare their software for a single cloud, let alone multiple clouds and marketplaces. The ability to migrate as is helps the process significantly, and many tools do a good job of moving software from one platform to another. However, they typically move a black box instance, meaning users are still unable to trace the internal packages and licensing of the software they are migrating. UShareSoft's new migration service scans any live system and lets users migrate it instantly, while capturing package and licensing meta data to make governance, maintenance and customization easy. Migrations can be completed in less than 30 minutes, letting OW2 projects and other ISVs quickly instantiate their software on any cloud or populate to the OW2 app store or other marketplaces. This presentation will give an overview of application migration to cloud, as well as demonstrating how OW2 projects can migrate existing software stacks to cloud.

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