OW2con'13 Panel : Benefits and challenges of integrating open source components.

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Panel: Benefits and challenges of integrating open source components.
Innovation goes software. Innovation goes collaborative. And collaborative software goes Open Source. Why? To provide new services, faster than ever, to end-users. The co-innovation between developers, integrators, open source communities and end-users is becoming a catalyst for successful IT projects. It helps provide just-in-time applications, with third-party components, the right implementation with the right configuration, at the right cost. What are the criterias taken into account by industrials and commercial companies when choosing to integrate OSS components? How the ERM (Entreprise Risk Management) approach is today used in Open Source Software area? What are the key factors of success in integrating open source components? What tools do end-users or integrators have to evaluate the quality of the codes? What kind of support can be expected from the emerging RISCOSS platform?

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