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    SaKanya - UTENA AMV

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    This is Tagalog Music I base this from Touga to Anthy what Utena been after what the song tells. The song called in English is To Him/Her also to make it short story what the song say; They broke up but the guy/girl still have strong feeling that one of them will be back together. But one of them still searching and hoping until the days has come to move on and as the end. The girl/guy has back to him/her and they still preserve the feeling in long time and so on........ so fort.

    downlaodable link here: ENJOY!!!

    I use more effort to this work and I remove the sub to make it highlighted what it say the song ^^ After what the song say he abandon the girl but the girl is still have a soft heart. Guess you can understand at the ending what it say in my AMV ^^. Well hope you enjoy since this is my another one AMV in Valentines Day ^^.