Whitehorse - Boss Man (#robford)


by SixShooterRecords


One step closer to the perpetrator
Holding his position on a westbound freighter
Come downtown but don't tip the waiter
He's the water boy, the mascot, the governator

Smoke smoke smoke--smoke em if you got em
Drive the Escalade to the low low bottom
Finger on a match eye on the recorder
Now he's making a run for the Etobicoke border

But don't play coy, you got the ink on your thumb
You took up the cause yeah I read it in the Sun
But the Star man got him with the shutter for a gun
Now the big top crumbles and the carnies run

Brother oh Brother pride of their mother
Looks out for junior, yeah they watch for each other
Bottom of the ninth, this one's in the can
Bases are loaded but so is the boss man

p + c 2013 Six Shooter Records Inc.
Written by Whitehorse.
Luke Doucet (SOCAN) and Melissa McClelland (SOCAN).
Photo credit to Paul Wright.