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    DEBATE - Egypt: The Sinai Powder Keg

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    François Picard and his guests analyse the powder keg that has become the Sinai Peninsula. Wednesday's attack, which killed 11 off-duty soldiers, is part of a growing spiral of violence pitting Cairo against radical militants. Some argue that the military is using the crisis to blur the distinction between Sinai militants and Egypt's ousted Muslim Brotherhood leadership.

    Omar ASHOUR, Senior Lecturer in Middle East Politics and Security Studies;
    Mohamed ELMENSHAWY, The Middle East Institute in Washington;
    Gil MIHAELY, Columnist for Israeli daily Yedhiot Ahronoth;
    Jean MAHER, Chair of the Franco-Egyptian Organisation for Human Rights;
    Kathryn STAPLEY, France 24 Correspondent in Cairo;

    Produced and prepared by David Boratav, Haxie Meyers-Belkin and Diaraye Bah
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