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    WEB NEWS - Egypt: violent clashes in Cairo

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    Today on the net: reports of the violent clashes in Cairo between pro and anti-military protesters; an American hunter sparks outrage with her photo of a dead lion; and Harry Potter wanders around a train station in New York City.
    Egypt: violent clashes in Cairo
    As we can see from this footage filmed in Cairo and posted to Egyptian website "ahramonline", violent clashes broke out between pro and anti-military protesters in Tahrir Square on Tuesday, leaving at least one person dead and many others wounded.
    Thousands of protesters had gathered in the Egyptian capital to mark the anniversary of the week of deadly rallies which began on November 19th 2011 and saw some 40 demonstrators killed by security forces. As we can see from this amateur document, it was intended to be a peaceful protest and began as such in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere
    But this was before the arrival of a handful of supporters of General al-Sisi, the head of Egypt’s armed forces which ousted Islamist president Mohammed Morsi back in July. Anti-military demonstrators took offence to their presence and as we can see from these images available on the Citizenside website, tensions soon boiled over.
    The army then intervened to disperse protesters, and as these photos taken in Cairo on Tuesday night would suggest, the operation was successful. We see Tahrir Square completely empty, suggesting that, for the time being, the authorities have things under control.
    American hunter sparks outrage with photo of dead lion
    American TV producer and presenter Melissa Bachman sparked outrage when she posted this shot to her Twitter page at the beginning of November. We see Bachman, a keen hunter, posing triu... Go on reading on our web site.

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