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    Plane explodes into ball of fire after crashing into Kazan International Airport in Russia

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    A Boeing 737, heading to Kazan in the Russian republic of Tatarstan from Moscow, crashed during an attempt to land, erupting into a ball of fire on impact, killing all 50 people on board on Sunday evening.

    A video released by the Russian media shows the aircraft nose-diving after a second attempt to land, bursting into a flaming orb, and sending pieces of the aircraft all over the tarmac.

    Crew on board the Tatarstan Aircompany flight U363, which left Moscow's Domodedovo airport, told air traffic control before the crash that the aircraft was not ready to land, though reasons for this were not given. The first attempt to land was unsuccessful and the plane made a second loop to try again, before it plummeted from the sky.

    Authorities are investigating the causes of the crash. The air company claims that the plane was safe for travel, though it has been released that the 23-year-old aircraft once suffered damage during a landing in 2001. Reports indicate it was raining during the crash, though it cannot be explained why the plane was unable to land during its first attempt in clear weather.

    Both of the plane's black boxes were recovered, but both were damaged.

    A journalist on-board the same plane on a flight from Kazan to Moscow earlier that day said she felt strong vibrations during landing.

    There were 44 passengers on the flight, as well as six crew members. Irek Minnikhanov, the 23-year-old son of the president of the Tatarstan Republic, was among the victims, as was 53-year-old Briton, Donna Bull.

    Kazan, Tatarstan's capital and largest city, lies 720 kilometres east of Moscow.


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