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    Afghan governor killed by bomb attack inside mosque

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    Originally published on October 16, 2013

    The governor of an Afghanistan province south of Kabul was killed by a bomb attack on Tuesday in a mosque while he was making an address.

    The attack happened on the first day of the Muslim holiday of Aid al-Adha.

    Governor of Logar Province Arsala Jamal was giving a speech when a bomb hidden inside his microphone was detonated remotely. Police initially said a suicide bomber had been responsible.

    The governor was the sole fatality, while 18 others were injured.

    According to reports, Jamal, an ethnic Pashtun who was in his 40s, had already survived one attempt on his life in 2007, when he was attacked by a suicide bomber in a car. The attack caused the death of his body guards and a local official.

    Jamal was a close friend of Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai and served as his campaign manager during his successful bid for re-election in 2009, Reuters reported.

    According to reports, the killing of such a senior official will raise new fears for Afghanistan's security.

    According to NBC News, Afghanistan's ministry for local governance confirmed the accident in a statement in which he also said that the attack was made by "the enemies of Afghanistan".

    President Karzai condemned the attack and blamed the Taliban, saying that "These attacks, which the Taliban do in the name of Isdlam, cause death and injury to innocent Muslims, and cannot be the work of Muslims, but rather of those who have been assigned to kill Muslims."

    No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.


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