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    Jamestown Revival was conceived on the back of an elephant ride from Bangladesh to the Istanbul. Jonathan Clay; a prominent architect of his era, was en route to assist in the reconstruction of antique pyramids, when he crossed paths with Zach Chance (a young shaman seeking truth and enlightenment). This was no ordinary meeting. This day marked the beginning of a brotherhood. They shared stories, smoked pipes, and eventually went their separate ways. It would be exactly 10 years later to the day that the two would again reunite.

    With the economy in shambles, Jonathan grew tired of everything familiar and embarked on a quest. His journey carried him far and wide, and he eventually secured a job as an ostrich herder. On one fateful drive through the Himalayas he encountered a white out. One Ostrich strayed from the herd and Jonathan was forced to pursue him; for this prized ostrich was soon to be made into a pair of boots for the Emperor of Persia. Jonathan knew his very future depended on the delivery of this particular bird. High in to the mountains he climbed. Every step harder than the last. It was at this moment that Jonathan fell through a fissure in the ice and found himself deep in the heart of a mountain.

    Three thousand miles away and 4 years prior, Zach was living quite a different life. Through precarious circumstances, he found himself living as a minnow farmer on the shore of the black sea. It was here that he discovered the astounding healing power of minnow oil. Realizing it's true value, he vigorously harvested the precious oil, bottling every ounce he could. He then travelled east, distributing the oil among the peoples, earning him the reputation of a distinguished medicine man. It was on an excursion through the Himalayas where the wooden wheel of the cart he was pulling (containing vast amounts of minnow oil) broke, while swerving to avoid a stray ostrich in his path. The cart toppled, dumping it's contents deep in to a crevice. Zach knew his only chance of retrieval would would be to repel down and retrieve it. What happened next was a complete shock. Upon reaching the bottom of the cavern, Zach noticed something moving under the pile of minnow oil bottles. It was his old friend Jonathan. He had been living on frozen ancient sea urchin meat for months, and his health was in dire straights. Instinctively, he began guzzling the minnow oil and started to feel it's healing effects almost immediately. At that point, Jonathan and Zach began the ascent out of the cavern and made the decision to form a musical band.

    And so, The Architect and The Healer were born.

    What you will hear, if you so choose to return, will be the culmination of Hungarian monk chant and modern Western music.

    Cindi Avnet: Producer / Talent Booker
    Gabe Dauer: Producer / Host / Editor
    Marc Benardout: Cinematographer
    Audio: Wes Gaither
    Atara Gottschalk: Co-Producer / Talent Booker
    Lauren Gardiner: Production Assistant / Photographer
    Leah Hobbs: Associate Producer
    Courtney Arwin: Balcony Location

    A very special thanks to Marc Benardout!

    We'll see you next time!