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    Bigg Boss 7 | Tanisha Finally Proposes Armaan Kohli?

    Bollywood Live

    by Bollywood Live

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    The much hyped show Bigg Boss 7 has timely managed to deliver a daily dose of controversies, catfights and of course, the very famous love link ups, especially referring to the current pair of Tanisha Mukerji and Armaan Kohli. While earlier we had seen their n number of cozy moments hinting towards the duo's love relationship, we now seem to have grabbed an official confirmation of the same. Apparently, during one of the recent episodes, Tanisha was seen engaged in a flirty talk with lover boy Armaan, when surprisingly, Armaan delivered his share of love by instantly popping a question to Tanisha on how much she loves him! Well, without uttering a single word in return, Tanisha blushed like never before, exchanged smiles and shied away from Armaan! Aww so cute! We wonder if this was any official instance claiming the duo's relationship! Nevertheless, Tanisha-Armaan surely seemed to be blinded in love! More to come! What say viewers?