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    Britney Spears "Alien" Song Leaks & New "Perfume" Lyric Video!


    by ClevverMusic

    Britney Spears "Perfume" lyric video and "Alien" leaked!
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    Britney Spears' "Alien" song leaks online and we get a "Perfume" lyric video! Hey Britney Army things are heating up, welcome back to ClevverMusic. As we wait for December 3 and her 'Britney Jean' album to greet us we've got some exciting updates. November 18th Britney's synthy song "Alien" leaked online, hearing Britney space travel to find her love. Britney chants and sings, "Not alone, not alone, not alone/ Crossed through the universe to get where you are/ Travel the night riding on a shooting star". The song is a catchy club tune, but producer William Orbit says it's the wrong version. He tweeted, "Right song but had wrong chorus notes". It's a good start, and we can't wait to hear what exactly is changed in the "real" version. What is 100% real is Britney's brand new lyric video for her current single "Perfume". She teased us on Twitter saying she's shooting the official music video, but to check out the lyric video in the meantime. The revealed video is what could potentially be the official music video, just add more Britney to it. In the "Perfume" lyric video we see the LA city skyline at night and a man's deserted hotel room. Britney's fingers travel around the room snooping through her man's things. Clearly she's looking for something particular and takes ever chance she gets to spray her perfume on his things so his mistress will smell it. When the beat drops we see purple glitter with the vulnerable lyrics on screen. Britney eventually leaves a lipstick kiss on a matchbook to seal her essence in the room. Check out the lyric video and the leaked song yourself! And keep it here on ClevverMusic for more pop music updates every day. I'm your friend Misty Kingma, bye guys. - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us! - Follow Misty!