DEBATE - Beirut Blasts: Iran Targeted

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On the eve of what some hope could be breakthrough talks with Iran in Geneva, two suicide attacks target Tehran's embassy in Beirut. A message to dissuade Shiite Iran from doing a deal with the West? Domestic score-settling against Iran-backed Lebanese movement Hezbollah? Or the spillover from Syria? A hardline Sunni group has claimed responsibility. François Picard and his guests examine that claim, and try to get to grips with the bigger picture.

Lokman SLIM, Lebanese historian, publisher and social activist;
Jonathan PARIS, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council of the United States;
Elie ABDEL HAY, Lebanese opposition March 14th Coalition;
Mayssa AWAD, France 24 reporter.

Produced and prepared by David Boratav, Haxie Meyers-Belkin and Diaraye Bah
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