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    Improvements in Quartier Saint-Rémy


    par lisafalour

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    This ancient area was just outside the fortified town of Saint-Denis, the first capital of France before Paris. In the 8th c., since the people were outside the wall, it was decided to move everyone, the church, the parish, the cemetery, raze the houses and get them under protection within the wall. Barbarian invasions were a reality.

    This area has stood as part of defense for the area, particularly in the 19th c. Turned into agricultural land, a barricade was built a bit East of here and the lands were irrigated and flooded with water from the Croult, one of seven creeks in Saint-Denis.

    This is a very practical location just outside Paris and I have many clips up about it. I am American-born, French now, and it's good to see some rather drab aspects of this place, near the basilica, the world's first Gothic church, the Légion d'Honneur and the river Seine, being improved.

    Over 80 languages are spoken daily in Saint-Denis and I like it even better than I liked New York in the USA. The Communist history here (this is "La Ville Rouge") ensures us great libraries, schools, parks, housing, public transportation, healthcare, and a proximity to Paris and airports and other arteries which is unbeatable. One of the largest greenmarkets in Europe runs three mornings per week here, there are bike paths now and pedestrian-only zones, and Gallo-Roman, pre-historic and Medieval vestiges remain here.

    Most recently, my artwork and writing appear in the FREAK WAVE series of books, and I was a guest on FRANCE CULTURE at Radio France this year, in French, and the program was voted the one in the "Mauvaises Genres" series the public wanted to hear rebroadcast.

    The gardening is still done by city workers here. There is a large nursery, greenhouses, many employees, tree surgeons, etc. This grey Monday morning was brightened by pretty chrysanthemums and later in the week, I saw nice plantings had been done in this little park area, with a good playground. This is a very densely populated area, and people still get out, talk and are often quite "unplugged" in much of France.