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    Seb Kern 2013


    by Extreme

    A very big thank you to Daruma Vision for the edit !!
    Skyhook Dynamic Aerial Images for all their amazing aerial shots !!
    All my sponsors for the continued support !!
    These wicked companies for some top quality work and play, Shade Media, Whitelines, FBBB, WBB, Horizon Festival, Snowbombing Festival, !!
    And everyone else who I rode and filmed with! This season was amazing and so much fun with all of you!
    Nate Kern, Rowan Biddiscombe, Mikee C, Scott M Salt, Dom Harington, Ed Blomfield, Dan Medhurst, Nick Atkins, Angus Leith, Simon Cudlip, Frederick Thelen, Piotr Janosz, Matze Vogt, Dennis Emmerzaal, Vincent Hemelaar, Kristiina Nisula, Elena Koenz, Memo Ravelo, Sam Cullum, Scott Penman, Helen Fox, Connor Carey, Jesse Smith.
    And everyone else who filmed and helped out this season, so many of you to remember, so I'm sorry if I've missed anyone out, but you know you mean the world!
    Thank you!