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    Psychic Gambled Away Over $100K of Client's 'Cursed' Money

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    A woman in Boca Raton, Florida who professed to be a clairvoyant reportedly gambled away a client’s money.

    Stephanie Thompson who is a psychic has been accused of taking $115,000 from a woman who believed there was a curse on the cash. Thompson arranged a deal with the lady.

    She agreed to remove the curse for $25,000 and give back the remaining $90,000. The victim and Thompson initially met in the spring of 2012 at the Psychic Tea Room.

    Thompson did a reading for $200 and claimed the money was indeed cursed. She then told the woman she needed all the cash to remove the jinx. Thompson’s process was slow and intricate.

    She asked the victim to only remove small amounts of money so she could meditate over it. Thompson even told the victim she would suffer from the same type of cancer her mother had if she didn’t follow instructions.

    Everything unfolded in September 2013, when the client went to police and told them she had given Thompson over $100,000 and had yet to see any of her money back. Thompson was soon arrested and charged with organized fraud and grand theft once investigators learned all the money had been gambled away at the casino.