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    World's largest ship Maersk's Triple E container to set sail this year

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    The first Triple-E cargo ship by Maersk is expected to go into operation this summer, setting sail for Europe.

    The Triple-E measures 400 metres long, roughly 12 times longer than a blue whale. The vessel will be the largest of its kind, with its bulkier design meaning it will be able to carry 18,000 6.1-metre containers. If all the containers on a Triple-E were stacked on top of each other, they would reach the earth's stratosphere.

    The Triple-E's design also optimizes it for slower sailing, allowing it to move at just 17.5 knots. Slower speeds using small engines, but larger propellers, mean the vessel will emit 50 percent fewer emissions and use half as much fuel.

    The Triple-E will travel the same route as the Maersk Emma line, sailing from China to Holland in about 23 days.