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    New Balcony! New season! Balcony TV Edmonton returns with a performance from Brenna Macquarrie, a woman who's stunning and seemingly effortless voice left us silent while she performed. Having spent her entire life singing a diverse mix of music, ranging from country and soul to musical theatre, Brenna is now focusing her efforts performing and working with her Edmonton-based production company, One More Mile Productions. Brenna recently returned to Edmonton from four years of school in Toronto to focus on performing and producing music, and she joined us on our new balcony with co-producer and instrumentalist Fred Brenton on a beautiful Edmonton day. You can catch Brenna this weekend at Edmonton's Open Sky Music Festival at 3:55 on Sunday, June 10th. To learn more about her style and music, check out
    Thanks for coming back to Balcony TV Edmonton! We have a lot up our sleeves, and are working with some exciting artists and ideas, so check back every Thursday for a new video. It's going to be a great year.