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    Miley Cyrus Performs "Wrecking Ball" in Turban on X Factor UK


    by ClevverMusic

    X Factor UK Miley Cyrus strips down in "Wrecking Ball"
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    Miley Cyrus brought her "Wrecking Ball" to the X Factor UK stage in an emotional performance. Hey pop music lovers you have come to the right place, ClevverMusic. Miley Cyrus performed on the X Factor UK version Sunday November 17th bringing a new theme to her "Wrecking Ball" track. Vastly different from the nude music video, Miley was fully dressed in a Marc Jacobs dress and black jeweled turban on the show. No climbing necessary here, Miley started the performance sitting atop a rocky mountain and she belted out the ballad lyrics, here's a look.
    Miley appeared to be in a stone room, but we saw the images start to change mid-way through the performance. We see camera footage of wreckage (appropriate for the song), as well as pink and blue clouds as Miley starts her descent down the mountain. She's careful here, pulling up her dress and not tumble down the steep faux hill. The song builds as Miley hits the ground and her face is lit up with emotion to match the intense images that flash on the screen of bombs and destruction. No twerking, teddy bears, or sledge hammers in sight here. Just a welcomed artistic performance from Miley, showing off her vocal range. Tell us what you thought of the performance? We can't wait to see if her upcoming American Music Awards performance on November 24th is similar to this, or what new flavor is in store. Smilers, thanks so much for tuning in to ClevverMusic. I'm Misty Kingma, see you next time. - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us! - Follow Misty!