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    Time To Move On !


    by donelliott357

    I named this video because there was some things on my mind at the time of production, and I was thinking of them while out filming this the other evening. I dedicate this video to those thoughts because it was only suiting because I got my answers while filming this video. Sometimes we have to just let things and people go because it needs to be done otherwise you just keep falling with them. I have fallen enough in my time and I now like to be positive as much as I can because life is short. Some people you just cannot please no matter what you do or say. They just use you when they need you and than through you away like an old paper cup. I am tired of this so I just move on. This video has a surprise in it as well because I thought this was a perfect thing to do because I really try to look forward to new things so I did something new here. And remember this people, Treat others as you would have them treat you otherwise just go away and leave them alone. To much pain in life as it is. Hope this video makes you think as clearly as it did me with this very appropriate music to do just that. I will be 48 years old next month and I still love to look forward to doing new things and learning new things and trying new things, Never to old to learn or try or do new things...NEVER. Thanks for watching and see you on the next .