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    Cryptic Kin

    by Cryptic Kin

    Introversion: Recollection and Quiet

    "God enters into the mind," and "the mind also enters into itself": and thus receives in its inmost cell the "first visit of the Beloved." It is a kind of half-way house between the perception of Appearance and the perception of Reality. To one in whom this state is established consciousness seems like a blank field, save for the "one point" in its centre, the subject of the meditation. Towards this focus the inyroversive self seems to press inward from ever side; still faintly conscious of the buzz of the external world outside its ramparts, but refusing to respond to its appeals.
    More, through it hints are coming to him of mightier, nameless things. It ceases to be a picture, and becomes a window through which the mystic peers out into the spiritual universe, and apprehends to some extent-though how, he knows not- the veritable presence of God.
    The self still feels very clearly the edge of its own personality: its separateness from the Somewhat Other, the reality set over against the soul.
    A mystical writer would say, "by means of the faculties."
    There is yet no conscious fusion with a greater Life; no resting in the atmosphere, as in the "Quiet"; no involuntary and ecstatic lifting up of the soul to direct apprehension of truth, as in contemplation.
    Recollection is a definite psychic condition, which has logical psychic results. Originally induced by meditation, or absorbed brooding upon certain aspects of the Real, it develops in the Self, by way of the strenuous control exercised by the will over the understanding, a power of cutting its connection with the external world, and retreating to the inner world of the spirit.
    Who rules the Fourth Degree of Love?
    To be known in her paradoxical beauty and power.
    Loses to find, and dies that it may live.
    Rolle "Raunsaker of the myghte of Godd and of His Majeste."
    Which it passes into a sacrament of the whole mystic quest: of the turning from doing to being, the abolition of separateness in the interests of the Absolute Life.
    "naked" orison
    The psychical state of Quiet is preeminently that in which the soul of man begins to be united with its "ground."
    A further value the intellectual complement and expression of "The Cloud of Unknowing"
    Birth within thyself.
    A slight effort. A naked intent stretching.
    The real mystic life of man?