Review ::: Pear OS 8


by Spatry

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Review ::: Pear OS 8

Pear Linux is a French Ubuntu-based desktop Linux distribution. Some of its features include ease-of-use, custom user interface with a Mac OS X-style dockbar, and out-of-the-box support for many popular multimedia codecs.


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I agree with brobi on the ads issue. It is cool to see that you're pushing away from YouTube (my anti-Google self is very happy lol) however it is annoying to see the service I thought would be good replacement has such poor ad implementation.
By lcR0n05 last year
The hot corners work in Pear 7 but when you click on DISABLE (because I HATE hot corners) the top left one remained active no matetr what I did and it always seems my mouse would stray over there and activate the stupid thing!
By RD \\-olff last year
I had pear 7 and I installed the KDE desktop and Cairo dock as I hated the plank dock, but I don't know what was going on but it became unstable, and then I would I would have FOUR cairo docks all running one under the other in a stack of them! I would look at the menus and there would be two control panel/settings and just a bunch of things like this going on. Then I found that every time I wanted to copy or move a file I would get thta stupid popup asking if I wanted to move or copy the file- what an annoyance and you can't disable that because if you do then you can actually silently DELETE your original files by dragging them to a flash or second drive!

in OSX and the Zorin 7 I use NOW after deleting pear when you drag files over to a secondary drive or a thumb, flash card etc it COPIES the files, when you drag a file on the same drive it MOVES it, this is just perfect and it's making a copy when dragging to an external drive is a perfect safety feature that prevents accidentally deleting your original.
I mentioned this to another linux user and she was going on about how wierd that is!
I like Zorin 7 but since the automatic security update last week, I've noticed a few odd issues, random crashes, firefox would freeze at times and pressing a key on the kb would cause it to repeat rapidly across the screen by itself.
I might wind up reinstalling it and NOT allowing it to do that update.
By RD \\-olff last year
It was above & beyond the call of duty to review the Pear OS a second time, but you did, and found that the Pear OS team still have a ways to go before this os gets the Spatry approval. Fair enough. Good video, however I really didn't like the commercials at the 5 minute & 10 minute marks during the video run. The commercial at the end of the video was somewhat acceptable, but any video (that's under 15 minutes in length) shouldn't be interrupted by a commercial (in this case, TWO) in my humble opinion. This is certainly a dailymotion downfall. Have a commercial at the beginning, the end, or - if need be - at 15 minute intervals (maybe). Five minute commercial intervals are a real nuisance, and most likely a deal-breaker for most viewers.
By brobri last year
They are working on the iOS theme now, should be out pretty soon.
By MrRunyon last year
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