Ufo Uzaylı Gizemleri - Bölüm 4.3.2 - Alien Mysteries - Episode 4.3.2 - Rendlesham Forest[360P]

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A Message From Cosmic Central?

The Starseed Transmissions-"hallucinations" or whatever-were received in nineteen bursts, seldom in recognizable English sentences, requiring considerable meditation and discussion between the four Receivers before they could be summarized, eventually, into the following message:

Actually the Warden here is very protective of me.
Everybody understands Mickey Mouse.
We repeat again, this in not a complicated joke disguised as a new religion but really a new religion disguised as a complicated joke.

But, I had no idea yet that he was attempting interstellar correspondence with Dr. Timothy Leary at Folsom Prison.

Your stationary amazed me....

G.I. Gurdiieff is my direct successor.

Crowley, my life and his are embarrassing. He's like a gruff Zen abbot.

Have you contacted Joanna?

I might leave them in the lurch.

Folsom to Vaca-ville

This was in the middle of the "Dog Days"

@the escape trial

And nobody understands Emperor Norton?

Come home in glory.