Copyrighting Your Music

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Published on Feb 17, 2013
How to protect your music through copyrighting.....Everyone's heard of mailing a letter to themselves to do a cheep copyright, the problem with that is if you ever have to appear in court over copyright infringement you self sent envelope, even if unopened will NOT be enough to gain you the upper hand in a court hearing. ALL copyrights NEED to be on public record in order for it to have standing in court if you ever have to prove the original owner is you. This video show you how to copyright your music your self the lawful way while giving you piece of mind at night when you sleep. So let this video show you how, and be proud of your self because you did it without an attorney or trusting someone else to do it for you; and you saved lots and lots of money. If need step by step help, send a e-mail and leave a phone number as it will be easier to guide you through the process.