Tilly Whim sea cave death: trapped woman dies despite rescue efforts



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A 30-year-old woman succumbed to rising waters after getting trapped in a sea cave near Dorset in southern England on Saturday.

The woman had been coasteering, an adventure sport involving climbing cliffs and jumping into the sea, with her 31-year-old brother when rough seas became too much for the pair. Bystanders spotted the brother caught in the waves and called emergency services. He was rescued by helicopter, then told the coast guard crew that his sister had been swept into a cave at the base of the cliffs and trapped by pounding waves.

Coast guard crew attempted to reach the woman by both land and sea, but the storm blocked access to the small, but deep cave. At the top of the cave was a blow hole, but at 18 inches, it was difficult to enter.

A winchman positioned himself close enough to the cave to speak to the woman and members of the crew stayed with her for two hours. They believed she was able to get out of the water, however they could not reach her. Huge waves and rough waters made an underwater rescue impossible. A rescue worker risked his life to enter the cave through the blow hole, but by the time he got in, the woman had been lost to the sea.

The brother escaped the ordeal unharmed. It is believed that the unnamed pair came from the London area.

Efforts to recover the woman's body were called off because of the waves and rain that battered the area.


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