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    Crazy Chinese man slaughters five puppies at dog market

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    A crazy Chinese man went on a puppy-killing spree at a local market in Jinan and supposedly the pictures have gone viral in China, whatever that means.

    Three pictures have surfaced online showing the man during his puppy rampage. One pictures shows the idiot looking at puppies in a local shop, perhaps he skipped dinner and was hungry. The second photo shows one of the little puppies giving the psycho a little bite. The third photo shows the puppy dead on the ground after the fool smashed the puppy onto the ground.

    The puppies belonged to Ms. Feng, a 55-year-old woman who has been selling dogs at a market on Hibiscus Hibiscus Lane for quite some time. Feng said that the man supposedly had a girlfriend that rushed over to him as he killed a second puppy by throwing it on the ground.

    The pictures were taken by another bystander at the market in Jinan. Jinan is located in the Shandong province in the northern part of China. The woman started taking pictures when she heard the crazy puppy slayer yelling at the old woman and demanding that the owner give him compensation for his "injury." She wrote, "When the old woman said she didn't have any money to pay him he announced that they were dangerous beasts and he was going to make sure they didn't bite anyone else, and he then grabbed them one by one and bashed them on the ground to kill them."

    Some are speculating that the man went on his killing spree because he was actually jealous that the puppies had bigger junk than him.


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